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Industrial Design

Digital + Physical UX


Personal Project


14 weeks, Spring 2021

OMA tonic is a 3D printed nutrition supplement plan tailored for each individual new moms.


OMA is a subsidiary brand of its mother company Philips, focuses on consumer’s personal lifestyle and public general healthcare.

The Problem:

Postpartum hemorrhage is when a woman has heavy bleeding after giving birth.

About 1 to 5 in 100 woman who have a baby(1 to 5 percent) have PPH.


Every year about 14M woman around the world

suffer from PPH


Lack Breast Milk

Vaginal Pain


Postpartum Depression

With 4 million live births occurring each year in the US, Postpartum Depression rate is up to 10%-20%(almost 600,000).

A healthy diet could help prevent PPH and PPD occur by balancing the nutrition.

The Solution:

In order to support moms through the postpartum period, OMA, by balancing moms' daily diets of adding enough needed nutrition facts, is here to help.

Project Goal:

Nutrition Facts Needed

Through Postpartum Period 

First 3 months increasing calorie intake to meet the demands of producing milk


A breastfeeding mother should consume approximately 2,300 to 2,500 calories per day. (compared to 1,800 to 2,000 calories for a non-breastfeeding woman)

Based on personal daily diet,

Oma is here to help.

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Oma user map-09.png

"Wish it could be more fun."

"Being a mother makes me proud."

"Sleep deprivation makes lots of weepiness and feeling like nothing is going right."

"The baby is my whole life."

Baby blues are totally normal. 

"Most movement will be difficult and the incision can be painful."

"It's important to move around, at least a little bit, to avoid blood clots."

"I don't have enough breast milk for my baby."

"Do I need to take medicine to release pain?"

"Wish I could have longer personal time."

"How can I lose weight?"

"I sometimes feel sad."

"It makes me feel tired, really tired."

User Journey Map

It's not a replacement,

It's a supplement.

OMA. App Prototype


Today's Recommendation 

Good morning.

Today's Recommendation shows many of menu choices based on your past nutrition record. Receipt is available when clicking the picture.

Shopping option provides nearby stores that contain foods you need.


Nutrition Record

What do you want to eat today?

On this page, you can remove food/nutrition that you don't want to eat and absorb today. and save it for later.


Add Today's Food

What did you eat today?

You can add fruits, vegetables, grain or fat you intake today. This helps you to record your nutrition balance based on today'd diet.

You can also manage the amount/how much of each food you took.


Which Pod To Eat?

The page will recommend one pod each day that based on you everyday's nutrition record, and suits your health situation.


History Review

Check your nutrition history record here. It will also let you know if you are in a health range, and which aspect is needed to pay attention on. 


Make An Appointment

When it's time to meet your doctor, go to the Appointment section,

where shows available times of the doctor. After simple clicking, you are successfully registered.

OMA. Pots

These pots are 3D printed, sealed in small packagings,

and contains rich nutritious.

OMA. Tonic Machine in working process

It contains three buttons and four functions:
Children Lock/Clean, Mix, and Make.

Copyright © Yuning Tang

OMA. Mood Board


Curve / Streamline / Translucency / Colorful

OMA. Tonic Machine Ideation

OMA. Pots Ideation & Sketches

OMA. Pots Prototype

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